February 23, 2018

 GET YOUR TICKETS NOW:  /Contact a Chapter 234-Glendive member or call  Jerry.

With regards to the chapter’s raffle – firearms will be

1st – Henry Golden Bow .17HMR
2nd – Henry Golden Boy .22LR
3rd – Pietta 1858 New Army .44 Blk Pwdr
Revolver w/starter kit

Tickets will be available at February meeting

We have a table at the March 2-3-4 gun show thanks! to Ernie & Carol
Huether & help will be needed to tend to that.
A poster or bulletin or signage of some nature identifying the chapter &
our activity should be on the table so if someone could create something
for this it would be very good. The raffle items (or reasonable imitation
thereof) will be available to display on the table.

The gun show will be Friday 1600 – 2000, Saturday 0900 – 1800, & Sunday
0900 – 1500 if like last year.
We need to have folks to be there if we want to make a showing & sell
tickets & talk to people about Chapter 234
& what we are doing.