A Message From VVA Montana State Council President

August 18, 2020

Montana State Council     August 18, 2020

In these trying times there have been several changes caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, not only in our own state and our local communities but also at the VVA national level.  On Saturday, July 18th, I took part in a conference call that consisted of the National Officers, the Board of Directors and the State Council Presidents.  I will try and share with you what most of these changes are.

  1.  The main source of revenue for VVA National comes from the Household Goods Program.  This program fell victim to the Covid 19 pandemic thus eliminating this revenue.  The program is attempting to slowly reopen in some states but there are several obstacles the program has to overcome.
  2.  The loss of this revenue has forced VVA National to reevaluate the daily operation in the office.  One of the consequences of this was the layoffs of 14 employees and thus having the remaining employees to do the work of themselves and another desk.  National is hopeful of having a complete reorganization in place by September.  So until that takes place you are asked to try and refrain from calling National because you may not be able to have your questions answered in a timely manner.
  3. The State Council Presidents meeting in Silver Spring in April was cancelled due to the pandemic.  Additionally the Leadership Training Scheduled for July in Dayton Ohio was also cancelled.  The State Council Presidents meeting in October 2020 and January 2021 have been cancelled.  The meetings scheduled for April 2021 and the National Convention schedules for next summer are in limbo at this time.  There is no re-imburseable expenses until further notice.
  4.  The Life Membership Dues for each chapter and state council have been paid in the amount of 1/3 of what each chapter would have received.  As things settle down National plans on paying the remaining 2/3’s over September and October.
  5. In another cost cutting endeavor the VVA Veteran magazine is now going to be totally electronic.  National has asked that each member go to www.vva.org/publications and sign up to receive the VVA Veteran on line.  This change was necessitated by the revenue crisis National is faced with.

If you have questions  regarding National or just need further explanations on the information I have shared with you feel free to reach out to me and I will answer them or get an answer.  My contact information is 406-600-4442 or email cdrinmt@gmail.com.

I don’t anticipate an in person State Council meeting in October.   More information will be forthcoming. Be careful and stay safe.


Chuck Renevier   Montana State Council President